Frank Belknap Long . Dreamer on the Nightside

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: Dreamer on the Nightside is a biography of author H. P. , creator of the Cthulhu Mythos. It was written by Frank Belknap Long, a longtime friend of , and originally released in 1975.

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Classic Stories

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The H.P. Collection

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The Statement of Randolph Carter

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"The Statement of Randolph Carter" is a short story by H. P. which tells of a traumatic event in the life of Randolph Carter, a student of the occult loosely representing himself.

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The Nameless City

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"The Nameless City" is a horror story written by H. P. . The story's title is an ancient ruin located somewhere in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and is older than any human civilization.

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The Shunned House

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H. P. was one of the greatest horror writers of all time. His seminal work appeared in the pages of legendary Weird Tales and has influenced countless writer of the macabre. This is one of those stories.

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Тетрадь на пружине — обложка: ОТСУТСТВУЕТ.

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Обложка для паспорта — материал: ПОЛИЭСТЕР.

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The Shadow Over Innsmouth

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was an American writer who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction. Despite the fact that he was virtually unknown before he died, today he is known as the most influential author in his genre. "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" is a horror novella and the only story which was published in book form during his lifetime. The narrator is a student conducting an antiquarian tour of New England. He travels to Innsmouth, interacting with strange people, and observes disturbing events that ultimately lead to horrifying, and personal, revelations.

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Сумка. Белая футболка с изображением арта с Говардом Лавкрафтом и одним из его творений - Ктулху.

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Обложка для паспорта — материал: ПОЛИЭСТЕР. изображение Говарда Филлипса Лавкрафта и его творения Ктулху в чёрно-белом исполнении.

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